Why CaribeanOrdering.com?

Welcome to the CaribbeanOrdering,com blog. The first question which will hit you and which also did hit us was why CaribbeanOrdering? And why not?

CaribbeanOrdering.com is an interactive platform for food industry businesses and consumers to meet and share with each other: Although we are Caribbean-focussed, we welcome businesses and visitors from anywhere in the world. This is our related blog and hope you will participate actively in the free exchange of comments, ideas and experiences.

Businesses get:

1. A mini e-commerce website with all the required tools.

2. Publish your entire menu or inventory online. This is including your price and opening hours allowing visitors to just load each item into their cart.

3. Get paid online directly into your account via Paypal or Stripe. We can help you get going even without your own account.

4. Allow your customers to order directly from your online menu from anywhere: smartphone, online or in-store.

5. Offer your customers, the options of delivery, take-out or in-store (to have).


You are not left behind. Now it is easy and convenient to order online from your local businesses, such as restaurants, suppliers, fast foods and many more.

1. No need to be waiting for your favourite spot to be opened to know their hours, or what is cooking. All is right at your finger tips including their menus and inventories.

2. Order directly from them online, anywhere, any time. Be served: Delivery, take-out or to have.

3. Get notified of all the great deals.

4. It s absolutely free to register.